Lucas Rabel
Western Amber Skies
Lucas Rabel’s debut album “Western Amber Skies” is bold and uplifting. With a laid back element that is sure to bring a smile to those who listen.

SEATTLE, Wash.  —  Lucas Rabel is a multi-talented instrumentalist and singer-songwriter who has spent his life traveling the states, playing music and honing his sound. Lucas has lived in Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Nashville, Chicago and Atlanta to share his infectious tunes. Recently, he released his debut album titled 'Western Amber Skies.' This album is a cultivation of relentless passion, creativity and tenacity. His accessible presentation crosses many genres including rock, folk, roots, Americana, folk-rock and pop. From 'Western Amber Skies,' comes 10 songs that are a great showcase of Rabel’s talent.
This music has achieved something quite unique in it’s meeting of acoustic folk pop and a more indie rock and experimental energy. The sound comes through as very full, the vocals are doubled slightly, gently harmonized, the guitar solos running throughout the backdrop adds a stylish and beach-like bit of light distortion, plus every other bit of intermittent instrumentation that steps into the mix works wonderfully. The artist’s voice has a mellow and genuine, friendly sort of sound - the comforting sound of someone on your level, modest yet skillful in their performance, making the whole album much more accessible and easy to relate to.
His music has a wonderful brightness - it brings about hope, positivity, calm. The overall output of Western Amber Skies is bold and uplifting, it soon becomes familiar, easy to relax to, easy to sing along to. Lucas’ voice has a familiarity fairly quickly, and his style of songwriting has an enjoyable and easy going nature to it, and the melodies that unfold work brilliantly.

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